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  • Non-Verbal Communication in Community Management

    Non-Verbal Communication in Community Management

    Up to 80% of our communication is not spoken (or written). Many other characteristics of our language combine to determine the way our words are received. Most of us have very little training or practice with this relationship alchemy, and we are often not even directly aware when it is happening. We are continuously signaling… Read…

  • Conflict in the community

    Conflict in the community

    A gaming company allies with LGBTQIA+ by calling out offending player Here’s the story: A gaming influencer recently perpetuated the myth that gay people are child sexual predators on Twitter. What is even worse is that their tweet received over 80 thousand hearts! In response, the company publicly called out the offender and dissolved their… Read…

  • The Resiliency Crew

    The Resiliency Crew

    Conflict Resiliency & Community Moderation Resolution Versus resiliency In moderation of online communities, conflict resolution is about addressing and resolving conflict or disputes through boundary setting and values alignment. On the other hand, conflict resilience is about building the capacity to effectively manage and navigate conflicts. Like roots of a tree, it helps us deepen… Read…