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Connection Strategies and Growth Dynamics for Online Communities

When we create a space for people to gather and play, the chances for conflict arise, and our responsibility to the communities we have grown will increase. With that additional responsibility comes an expansion of the time we might need to dedicate to keeping our communities safe, comfortable, equitable, and – ultimately – fun, informative, and captivating.

VorteXR works with gaming, immersive experience, and social platform companies to evaluate community management practices, improve equity, and bring innovative conflict resiliency methods to these experiences. We support community managers, engagement directors, designers, and moderators in their efforts to build better ecosystems and identify opportunities to scale the capacity required to maintain healthy communities.

Our Expertise

Through our experience with game design, virtual world building, psychology, communications, conflict resiliency, community building/development/engagement/strategy, event production, data analysis, and research, VorteXR will partner with you to improve the experience people encounter through your products.

Solutions and Services


We provide standardized and custom trainings focused on community management, community standards and ethics, and DEI, all through the lens of our experience with technology and the communities who engage with it. We will meet you where you are: our trainings can be conducted in virtual worlds built by VorteXR, in your gaming or immersive environment, in person, or remotely via video conference.


If you are facing a unique or unprecedented problem related to your community, we can conduct an audit, deliver a report, and propose solutions.

Systems Review

All products, services, and systems require maintenance and revision — not only the technical components, but also the community engagement strategy. External perspectives can be particularly helpful to ensure success with this process. We review the architecture to help find potential “bugs” in the social circuitry, preventing problems before they arise.

Community Design & Engagement Strategy

If your community team can use support, or if you do not yet have dedicated community managers, we can design or update the mechanisms for that community to connect with each other productively. We will safely craft your engagement strategy to fit your needs and capacity, and develop a plan with you for long-term community management.

Identifying Challenges and Conflict Resiliency

Once a challenge has been identified, it can be a delicate balance to find the best approach to controversy or conflict within a community. For protracted challenges, we can facilitate a resiliency process through harm reduction and restorative justice practices. For difficulties at scale where direct mediation can prove unsustainable, we can help you design the processes which work for your community and do not leave them feeling overlooked, excluded, or unresolved.

Continued Support

Many organizations benefit from sustained or periodic support with their approach to community. Community evolution is not an overnight process, and a one-time engagement may be just the beginning of how we can help. We design customized plans to support you over more sustained periods and assist you in delivering products and services your entire ecosystem of users can feel connected to.

Advantages and Outcomes

  • Reach a wider and more diverse audience
  • Retain more community members and reduce churn
  • A more sustainable and flexible environment with reduced chances of conflict
  • Improve the scope and clarity of your community standards
  • Optimize feedback loop across team and stakeholders
  • Produce helpful metrics or gain deeper insights into the data you already have
  • Build a more resilient community and serve as a model for the gaming and immersive communities at large
  • Reduce stress and burnout for all those involved with community support