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We prevent and transform toxic online communities by centering diverse voices and initiatives.


Ruth Diaz, Psy.D.

Founder, Community & Design Architect

Ruth Diaz is a social scientist, organizational consultant, and innovator on conflict resiliency in community. In 2020, Ruth founded VR Create|Connect, which helped build a network of VR enthusiasts in collaborating on transformative and inclusive environments and events in social VR applications. Ruth has consulted with large and small tech companies including creatures like Meta and informed on everything from marketing funnels, diversity-centering experiences, and landing community initiatives. Ruth is passionate about all technology mediums that help us become better versions of ourselves as humans individually and collectively.

Mike Hines

Founder, Development Director

Mike is a 25 year game and virtual experience development veteran, with 12 shipped products and experience with everything from 5 person indie teams to his 4 years at Meta. He has a passion for community based, social, cooperative experiences. In addition to his time contributing to VorteXR, he volunteers his time on an array of socially beneficial and culturally enriching XR projects and community justice activism. Mike’s background is primarily as a Creative, Art or Technical Art director, but he has extensive experience with hands-on, zero-to-one product development and loves building healthy, well thought out products, teams and pipelines.

Molli Aronce

Global Community Developer

Molli has been bridging communities in tech for over a decade for brands including Electronic Arts and Meta. As a Community Developer, Molli collaboratively creates the bridge and provides the journey to the immersive village along the way. She’s the llama unicorn who brings the sparkle to your banana shaped ears.

Brittany Lambert

Chief Equity Advisor

Brittany is creating the gold standard for empowering diverse communities to advocate for themselves in corporate spaces. She brings 17 years of DE & I work in corporate pathway development for underrecognized workers, is a holistic coach for career and personal empowerment, and has recently come out of the closet as an avid gamer. She is passionate about transformative DEI practices at every level and is combining this with her tech-savvy nature to create environments in virtual reality that embody the equitable and sustainable village we are all seeking.